The secret to a happy and healthy plant

A Groundbreaker consists of 100% organic food. Down under in the soil, the Groundbreaker releases natural fertilizer to the bottom of your plant during 365 days. One Grondlegger will therefor set you up for a year, except for a splash of water and unconditional love, that is.

A Groundbreaker consists of slow-working nitrogen, natural humic acids and beneficial soil bacteria. They improve the potting soil and ensure that the roots of your plant can absorb the fertilizer properly, so that your plant grows evenly and stays healthy. This makes it a green and much better alternative to artificial fertilizer. Heaven in earth, so to speak.

Made with love for the environment, our Groundbreaker are suitable for all pot plants. From your favourite Ficus in the living room and the charming Chinese money plant in the windowsill, to the forgotten fern on the extractor hood. The Groundbreaker contains all the minerals and good bacteria your indoor plant needs to shine hard.

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