Mini Maxi Mix

5 x Groundbreaker Mini 10 grams & 5 x Groundbreaker Maxi 21 grams

All the nutrients and beneficial soil bacteria that your plant needs for a whole year, 100% organic. Dig a hole, press the Groundbreaker 5 cm under the ground and water it.


One 10 gram Groundbreaker Mini per pot of 10-15 cm.

One 21 gram Groundbreaker Maxi per pot of 15-20 cm.

What's in it?

Nitrogen (N) 12%, Phosphorus (P) 8%, Potassium (K) 8%, Sulphur (S) 3%, Iron (Fe) 2.5%, soil improvement ingredients: organic matter 77.5%, trace elements 16.5%, humic acids 4%, root bacteria 2%.


Keep out of reach of children. When stored in a cool and dry place, Groundbreaker can be kept for 36 months.