Our roots


Two sisters and a plant. A Musa Acuminata to be precise. That's a banana plant. On Mecheline’s window sill, the banana plant just didn't really grow all that well. Something to do with overprotection and litres of water. So the plant went to stay with Marie-Fleur. Because if there’s anyone with green fingers, it must be Marie-Fleur. And for sure: it turned out to be the most beautiful banana plant in Brabant. In just a matter of a weeks.


Did she use artificial fertilizer? Nope. Hydro grains, then? Certainly not. Marie-Fleur’s secret weapon was a small, round tablet: a Groundbreaker. Full of natural nutrients and good soil bacteria. Plant power in its purest form. She put the Groundbreaker in the earth and off it went; from a pitiful apology of a plant to a dark green, botanical eye-catcher of stature.


A healthy plant starts with a healthy soil; just Google it. Farmers, gardeners and horticulturists have known this for a long time and have been using this green alternative to artificial fertilizer for years. So why didn't something like this exist for our own urban jungle? Because if Mecheline's banana plant does so well on natural plant nutrition, wouldn't that apply to all indoor plants? The sisters went to great lengths to find out. The result is ground breaking, even if they say so themselves…

Plant talk


  • Green love: Alocasia Zebrina (a.k.a. Elephant ear)

  • Secret weapon: Not too much water; most plants don’t like to get their feet wet

  • Proud plarent of: 13 green children, 3 of whom I share my bedroom with

  • Style advice: Everything is possible, everything is allowed. As long as it's green

"Take a shower with your plant once in a while. It really freshens it up!" - Marie-Fleur


  • Green love: Strelitzia Reginae (a.k.a. Bird of Paradise)

  • Secret weapon: An occasional shower with your plant. It's nice and fresh and helps it to absorb the sunlight better.

  • Proud plarent of: 24 pieces, of which one even lives in the cupboard.

  • Style advice: Terracotta all the way! The pots are cheap, can be used indoors and outdoors and provide a natural look.