About soil life


With every new plant you welcome not only a new housemate, but also a tiny, wonderful ecosystem in the house; a lump of soil with millions of microorganisms, wrapped in a brown pot. Healthy soil makes it a wonderful place to live for the roots of your plant and is essential to keep it happy and healthy; a healthy plant starts with healthy soil. What’s up with that? Time for a lesson in microbiology.

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In healthy soil, good fungi (mycorrhiza), bacteria (rhizobacteria) and roots live comfortably together. The fungi and bacteria help the roots to absorb as many nutrients as possible from the soil and ensure that the plant grows, flowers and is resistant to diseases, pollution and too dry or too wet feet. The roots reward the fungi and bacteria in exchange for their use of sugars, their favourite snack. Et voilà: a strong example of symbiosis between fungi, bacteria and roots. Soil in optima forma. A plant that glows with happiness.


In order to keep the potting soil healthy and your plant green and happy, it is necessary to lend nature a helping hand every now and then. Literally. Fertilizer? It's best not to. Fertilizer ruins the soil structure; this chemical substance disturbs the natural balance in the soil and also ensures that the release of nutrients goes so fast that your plant eventually gets sick. In addition, the production of artificial fertilizer causes tonnes of CO2. So much for your green intentions.

Fortunately, there is also a much better alternative: organic fertilizer. A soil fertilized with organic fertilizer retains the nutrients, balances the symbiosis, allows your plant to grow steadily and protects it against infections. Organic fertilizer is therefore the Groundbreaker for a healthy and happy plant. And you're working green as well. Long live the earth!