How do I use my Groundbreaker?

1. Remove the Groundbreaker from the bag
Yay! This is what pure plant power looks like.

2. Dig a hole
Just use your green fingers.

3. Push the Groundbreaker 2 to 5 cm into the soil
Smooth out the earth so you can't see it anymore.

4. Water the plant
And, go on, today you’ll call out ‘Keep the soil alive’ while doing it!

Does it make sense to add a Groundbreaker to potting soil that already contains nutrients?

Yes, Groundbreaker also contain important bacteria that ensure that your plant can absorb the nutrients better.

How many Groundbreaker do I need in my pot?

Pots up to 15cm need one Groundbreaker mini, pots from 15cm to 20cm need one Groundbreaker maxi. Do you have larger pots? Use more Groundbreakers per pot. If you have any questions about how many Groundbreakers you need, please send us an email and we will be happy to help you.

Can I use Groundbreakers in winter?

Yes, the Groundbreaker works for a whole year. It doesn't matter if you use it in the summer or in the winter, the plant only absorbs the nutrients it needs.


Does my plant need extra nutrition in addition to the Groundbreaker?

If you stick to the recommended dosage your plant doesn't need any extra nutrition. Keep watering of course ;-)

What material is your packaging made of?

For now our packaging is (still) made of plastic, Groundbreakers react to water and must therefore be packed moisture-free. We are doing several tests with more sustainable packaging and hope to come up with a good alternative soon. Tips are always welcome!

Are Groundbreakers suitable for all my plants?

Yes, all plants need nutrients and bacteria.

Is it a good idea to crumble the Groundbreaker or to dissolve it in water?

No, that’s never a good idea! Groundbreakers come as they are with a reason. They are composed of layers and slowly give nutrition to your plant throughout the year.